When you should consider using WSO2 ESB !!!

Over the time business operations and processes growing in a rapid rate which requires the organizations to focus more on the integration of different applications and reuse the services as much as possible for maintainability.

The WSO2 ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) will seamlessly integrate applications, services, and processes across the platforms, if we simplify it, ESB is a collection of enterprise architecture design patterns that is catered through one single product.

Lets see when you need to consider using WSO2 ESB for your business;

1. You have few applications/services working independently and now you need to integrate those

2. When you want to deal with multiple message types and media types

3. When you want to connect and consume services using multiple communication protocols (ex: jms, websockets , FIX)

4. When you want to implement Enterprise Integration scenarios such as route messages to suitable back-end or aggregate the responses coming form the back-end

5. When you want to expose your applications as a service or API to other applications

6. When you want to augment application security in to your applications

Likewise there are many more scenarios where WSO2 ESB is capable of catering to your integration requirements.

To get more information about WSO2 ESB please refer -  http://wso2.com/library/articles/2017/07/what-is-wso2-esb/


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